➼premium coconut-soy wax 

➼crackling wooden wicks

➼vegan, phthalate free

➼hand-crafted in PNW

Devin I


Bodhi James Candle Co. was inspired by my Goldendoodle, Bodhi! He came into my life 4 years ago and we've been best buds since. There's no better name for a big shaggy dog nor for this small candle company. 

My name's Devin, I was born and raised in Orange County, CA. Bodhi and I are a couple of wanderers and adventurers. We love the great outdoors and all things included. Thus, we've ended up in the great PNW, and it's been an amazing place to call home. As for candle making, I fell into it organically by wanting to create nice-scented candles for my home. It happens that the process was so pure and therapeutic that I never stopped. After spending a lot of time researching and testing high quality materials, my candles reached a level that I was proud of. My family and friends have given the best feedback and reviews. Now, it's time to open up shop so that everyone has the chance to experience them!

Tobacco + BayLeaf was my fav! 

The candles smelled so good! I burn them first thing in the morning and when I clean the house. The sound of the crackling wooden wicks is a nice touch. 10/10!

Kristina C.

Like a mixologist crafting amazing cocktails, the Bodhi James blend of scents work phenomenally well together. We have the Tobacco and Bayleaf candle, and our living room smells fabulous every time we burn it. I've never seen a wooden wick before, and I love the aesthetic — it's a welcome addition to our modern living space. These candles are perfect, inexpensive birthday/housewarming/holiday gift —I'm getting my sister one for her birthday. 12 out of 10, would recommend — you won't be disappointed.

James M.

Devin and Bodhi have taken the time to really perfect their craft. The scents really fill the room and add that extra good vibe with the crackling wooden wicks. My favorite as of now is the seasonal Spiced Pumpkin + Patchouli, it really sets the fall mood in motion. Keep it up!

Miguel V.